Who We Are

Our Founder

Missy Sulton-Akinlolu, also known as Misterious tha inspiring poet, is the visionary behind Young Girls Reclaiming Your Voice. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science and a Master's in Public Health, Missy is passionate about empowering women to reclaim their voices and heal from past traumas. In addition to her work as an advocate and mentor, Missy is a holistic healer with expertise in various modalities, including reiki, reflexology, massage therapy, aurora therapy, and crystal energy work. Her diverse skill set and compassionate approach to healing make her a trusted guide on the journey to self-discovery and empowerment.

I'm a woman who has gone through many heartaches, enough to dedicate my whole life to trying to figure them out.

~ Erykah Badu

Our Grand Opening!

Check out this video from our first event!


Our Mission

At Young Girls Reclaiming Your Voice (YGRYV), our mission is to empower women to reclaim their voice, stand in truth, and walk in power. We believe in the transformative power of manifesting, which allows individuals to free themselves from trauma and fear. By standing in their truth, women can experience abundance and recognize their purpose. Through our programs and support, we aim to become a mouthpiece of authority for women.